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Who we are: MK LASH FAN


MK Lash Fan was founded by Me Kim, a professional eyelash artist with 10+ years and owner of multiple successful lash salons.

We are committed to supplying lash artists with quality lash extension and other lash products. By supplying top-notch lash products, we help lash professionals in creating beautiful lashing art that will delight their customers.

We always have the best collections of lash products in stock. We have working relationships with the biggest factories of eyelash products in China and all over the globe; this enables us to source the best products at the most competitive prices. We have invested heavily to provide our customers with trendiest and cutting-edge eyelash collections.

We are your go-to for all your eyelash product’s needs!


The founder, Me Kim, is an expert lash artist with rich experience of the eyelash market. She has acquired hands-on knowledge of eyelash and eyelash products, with lots of positive customer reviews to her credit. To her, being a lash artist is more than a profession; it’s a way of life.

By sharing her knowledge of the lash market, she has been able to help other lash professionals get better and thrive in their businesses. Me Kim did not want to stop here. She believes she can further leverage her experience in helping other artists; hence the birth of Mk Lash Fan.

How we started: MK LASH FAN


At Mk Lash Fan, our goal is to provide high-quality eyelash supplies to artists – the type that will make them wow their customers!; and helping women look beautiful as they truly are.

We want to relieve professionals of the stress of searching for quality and reliable lash products.


We have working relationships with the biggest eyelash products factories around the globe, and this gives us access to the best products at the most competitive prices.

We thoroughly inspect all our products before selling out; so, our customers can shop with confidence that they are getting premium products. The founder herself, Me Kim, leverages her expertise to meticulously inspect every product.

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