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Due to high demand of pre-order lash bed
our premium lash bed could be delivered later than 5 weeks

sorry for any inconvenience!

New BEAUTY BEDS Design is coming very soon!




Discover the unparalleled reliability of Australia’s premier lash extensions supplier.

Our team members are qualified lash artists with years of industry extensive knowledge,We pride ourselves on delivering top-quality lash products that won’t break the bank. Empowering you to lash with absolute confidence.

At MK Lash Fan, our mission is simple: to enhance your profitability without compromising on the superior quality and captivating packaging. Allow your clients to witness and feel the beauty of the lash products you use for them, as we prioritise your success and their satisfaction.

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It’s time to upgrade from the stiff massage bed to what you and your clients deserve😊✨

Our luxury lash beds are handmade with the finest materials, with every stitch crafted to perfection☑️ We guarantee the quality of each bed we ship🥇

Now is the time to invest with our unbeatable discount of up to 50% off on all luxury lash beds‼️

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Our 1 Year Anniversary Sale Starts Today‼️

Enjoy up to 60% off all lash products😱 Don’t miss out on these amazing deals🌟🌟

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Our luxury lash bed is calling all lash artists!! 

It’s time to elevate your space and show your clients what true comfort feels like🥰 Let them know how much their comfort matters to you.

Trust me, this will be the best investment you can make for your lash business❤️‍🔥

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This past year with MK LASH FAN has been an unbelievable journey filled with hard work and incredible rewards🌟Seeing how our lash products have helped elevate and grow each lash technician’s business makes every effort worth it🥰

We are immensely thankful and grateful for each client who has believed in and supported us💞 

As MK LASH FAN turns 1️⃣ We are excited to announce a MEGA SALE launching tomorrow as a token of our appreciation, so keep an eye out for amazing offers‼️

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