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Top Brow Trends of 2024

Who would have imagined that the furry little caterpillars above our eyes could garner so much attention? Eyebrow trends have evolved and returned throughout history. In 2024, we’ve seen an explosion of innovation in makeup and beauty trends, with individuals confidently showcasing their true selves.

Boldness and experimentation define this year’s brow trends, and we are all for it!

So, what are the standout brow trends of 2024? Let’s dive in!

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1. Natural Brows

The trend of embracing thick, fluffy brows continues to gain momentum. After years of over-plucking and thin brows, people have welcomed the charm of natural, bushy brows. This trend highlights a soft, natural look that beautifully frames the face, accentuating inherent features and celebrating your natural beauty.

2. Bleached and Colorful Brows

2024 is all about getting adventurous with brows! Bleached brows, popularized by celebrities like Kendall Jenner and Lady Gaga, have introduced a fresh, minimalist look. Alongside, colorful tints have also made their mark. This trend is a playful and unconventional way to express individuality and add a twist to everyday looks.

3. Thin/Skinny Brows

The 90s have made a comeback with the return of skinny brows! Fashion icons like Bella Hadid are reviving the trend of ultra-thin brows. Shaped and drawn into fine lines, this look offers a unique and striking aesthetic reminiscent of the Spice Girls era.

Explore the evolution of eyebrow trends over the past century.

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