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Review: The Best Tweezers for Applying Eyelash Extensions

Selecting the right tweezers for applying eyelash extensions is fundamental for any lash technician.

The precision and comfort of tweezers greatly influence the application process. In this comprehensive review, we will explore six different types of tweezers from MK Premium SST Tweezers collection, each tailored for specific aspects of eyelash extension application.

The focus will be on their functionality, ease of use, and suitability for various tasks in the lash extension process, including specific scenarios like working in Brisbane’s humid climate.

MK Premium SST Tweezers: Angle Tweezer

The MK Premium SST Angle Tweezer is a standout choice for lash technicians seeking precision. Its angled tip provides excellent grip and maneuverability, making it ideal for applying individual lash extensions.

The tweezer’s design allows for accurate placement of lashes, crucial for creating a natural and seamless look.


  • Precise tip for accurate lash placement.
  • Ergonomic design reduces hand fatigue.
  • Durable stainless steel construction.

This tweezer is particularly effective in detailed work, a necessity in climates like Brisbane where precision is key due to potential effects of humidity on lash adhesives.

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MK Premium SST Tweezers: Curved Tweezer

The MK Premium SST Curved Tweezer is designed for comfort and precision. Its curved tip makes it exceptionally good for picking up and applying lashes, especially in intricate fan techniques.

The curvature aligns perfectly with the natural curvature of the eyelid, facilitating easier application.


  • Ideal for creating volume fans.
  • Offers excellent control and precision.
  • Comfortable grip for prolonged use.

In environments such as Brisbane’s, where precision is essential due to humidity affecting lash application, this tweezer proves to be highly efficient.

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MK Premium SST Tweezers: Straight Tweezer Micro Grip

The Straight Tweezer Micro Grip from MK Premium SST collection is a versatile tool perfect for isolation and classic lash application. The fine tip allows for precise isolation of individual lashes, a key step in ensuring a flawless finish.

Key Features:

  • Micro grip ensures a secure hold on lashes.
  • Ideal for isolation and separating natural lashes.
  • Suitable for classic lash extensions.

This tweezer is particularly useful in detailed tasks, making it a go-to tool for technicians in diverse settings, including Brisbane’s unique climate conditions.

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MK Premium SST Tweezers: Isolation Tweezer Micro Grip

The Isolation Tweezer Micro Grip is specifically designed for isolating natural lashes. This process is essential in eyelash extension application, and the tweezer’s design ensures that it is done with utmost precision and ease.


  • Precisely isolates individual lashes.
  • Reduces hand strain during lengthy procedures.
  • Ensures a clean and clear working area.

For lash technicians in Brisbane, this tweezer is invaluable due to its precision, especially when dealing with the intricacies of lash isolation in humid conditions.

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MK Premium SST Tweezers: Angle Tweezer Micro Grip

The MK Premium SST Angle Tweezer Micro Grip combines the precision of an angled tip with the added control of a micro grip. This combination makes it an excellent tool for both isolation and application of eyelash extensions.


  • Enhanced control with micro grip feature.
  • Angled tip allows for precise application.
  • Ideal for both beginners and experienced technicians.

In climates like Brisbane, where precision and control are essential due to environmental factors, this tweezer stands out as a reliable choice.

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MK Premium SST Tweezers: 65 Tweezer Micro Grip

The 65 Tweezer Micro Grip is a unique addition to the MK Premium SST collection. It is specially designed for intricate work, offering exceptional precision and ease of use, making it ideal for advanced lash techniques.

Detailed Review:

  • Perfect for advanced lash extension techniques.
  • Offers high precision for intricate work.
  • Ergonomic design ensures comfort during use.

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This tweezer is particularly suited for technicians working in diverse environments, such as Brisbane, where advanced lash techniques require precision tools to counteract challenges like humidity.

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